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The Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park (FoRB) was organized in 1991 to promote the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the park and to aid in its preservation.

Today, 30 years later, FoRB is still helping the park. We have two work days a year to remove invasive plants, old fencing and trash. We provide Nature Detectives, a pre-K program for children and their caregivers to ensure there is a next generation of park supporters, and we partner with Missouri Parks Association to provide an outdoor experience for minority and low income youth. We fund small-scale capital projects, like solar power in the Rock Bridge Mills shelter for evening programs, and the restoration of Hickam Cabin. Last but not least, we speak at city and county hearings when public or private development projects that might affect the park come up.

You can help the park by becoming a member and adding your time, talents, and treasure to an organization respectful of the park’s past, active in its present, and dedicated to its future. Join now!

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For a regular membership you can mail in a check along with this printable membership form or pay online using PayPal (below) and then send an email with your name, preferred email, and mailing address to friendsofrockbridge@gmail.com. If you purchase more than one membership online, be sure and include the names, emails, and mailing addresses of the other members

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