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UPOP- 3rd Grade and Crinoids

Columbia Public School's Fun City 3rd Graders toured the cave and looked for and counted crinoid fossils. Then they worked in small groups to recreate a crinoid using pipe cleaners, Cheerios, and feathers. They explained the basic body parts of a crinoid, demonstrated how they eat, and learned about Missouri’s watery prehistoric landscape. Two college students volunteered for this program, Rachael Puleo and Maranatha Prenger. They led kids in conversations that generated kids comments like:

“I cant believe there weren’t any trees or people then.”

“So the circles we see are like their backbones”

“The filter feeder arms weren’t hard enough to make fossils or they were tasty and creatures ate them” “The pipe cleaner is connective tissue and also a grabber like a foot or root”

“I have never seen these fossils before”

“I see these fossils a lot on rocks at school playground”

“How are these similar to other echinoderms like starfish?”

“What does it mean that didn’t you see these fossils when you lived in another state?”

“Why do you think we call these Missouri’s state fossil?”

“How does finding a crinoid fossil tell us information about Rock Bridge’s past?”


The Urban Population Outreach Program (UPOP) is a joint project of FoRB and the Missouri Parks Association.

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