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UPOP- 2nd Grade Rain Hike

Columbia Public School's Fun City 2nd Graders turn 8 this year. About 1/3 of the kids have been to the park on other school trips or with UPOP the summer before. It was interesting to hear how their prior experiences translated to “teaching” their peers.

“Oh I remember this muddy area! Be careful or you will get your shoe stuck!”

“It is so beautiful right here! I wonder how we get over to that deck sidewalk, I was over there last time. It looks different from this side.

“The creek looks a lot different today. There is more water than when I was here before.” “There is fog by the cave opening so it looks really creepy! Let’s pretend there is a ghost and a bat flying towards us!” (I explained that it’s a tunnel, different than a cave, and talked about the temperature difference with the stream and air and agreed that the park probably has some cool ghost stories.”

“You need a flashlight to see the bats under that big rock and they live here in the summer”

“We are supposed to count different trees we see in one area, I wonder if we can also count the ferns and moss here because there are many different types of those, too.”

The Urban Population Outreach Program (UPOP) is a joint project of FoRB and the Missouri Parks Association.

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