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UPOP- Fungi

Columbia Public School's Fun City 1st Graders had a mushroom hunt. Instead of just answering their questions, I guided them towards more questions. The conversations led to student comments like:

”I have never seen this before. Is fungus like mold or or a berry? Do all trees have his or just dead branches? Where can I find more?” really soft and firm like my ear!”
“I kind of want to touch it and kind of want to never touch it.”
“I wonder how the pizza store gets mushrooms for my pizza and if any of these mushrooms would be good to eat.”

The kids were given directions to never taste anything on our trips without permission from an adult, and the program’s principal suggested that the questions the kids generated on their van ride back to the school could be used as an opportunity to research in the library.

The Urban Population Outreach Program (UPOP) is a joint project of FoRB and the Missouri Parks Association.

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