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UPOP- Earthworms

Columbia Public School's Fun City 1st Graders had a scavenger hunt list of biotic and abiotic things to find, including moving water, a spider web, rocks smaller and larger than a kid’s hand, leaves with smooth and jagged margins, a tree shaped like a Y, bird calls, etc. My group found several fast moving, long worms on the muddy path. This led them to suspect that these worms were different than worms they had seen on sidewalks in their neighborhood. They called them “worms in the wild” and wondered if they were more active because of the rainfall. We had time to notice and discuss worm anatomy, discussing the clitellum and egg sacs, worm life cycle, and how to tell which end is the head. These kids reported back to the full group their findings.

The Urban Population Outreach Program (UPOP) is a joint project of FoRB and the Missouri Parks Association.

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