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UPOP- Fishing

Coyote Hill Children’s Home is a local foster group home that houses children during difficult life circumstances. FoRB set up a fishing trip with the Missouri Department of Conservation at Stephens Lake.

One girl caught thirteen fish in two hours, ten more than her brother. She became so confident that she began to remove the fishhook for herself and could tell the difference between bluegill and a hybrid. Another kid discovered fish weren't as slimy as they thought. All children became more confident handling the fishing poles and safely tried different areas of the lake for fishing.

The Urban Population Outreach Program (UPOP) is a joint project of FoRB and the Missouri Parks Association.

Help the Friends of Rock Bridge MSP create outdoor experiences for Columbia kids next summer. Donate generously through CoMo Gives at the link below!

Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park 
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